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Hike it, you'll like it!

2018 GVTA Photo Contest

GVTA members may enter up to six photos taken since the 2017 photo contest. These photos will become part of the GVTA archives and may be used for promotional purposes.


Attention Photographers! 

  • Only photos in Category 1  MUST have been taken on the GVT. For all other catgories, photos can be taken while hiking anywhere with other GVTA members and friends.
  • “GVTA activity” no longer means that the hike must be scheduled in the newsletter or on the website; it can be a group of two or more GVTA members hiking, snowshoeing, cross country skiing, etc.
    We realize that groups within the GVTA often plan their weekly hikes by email. The important thing is to get out on the trail, exercise, enjoy nature and take photos while you're doing it! Then, enter the photo contest at the annual GVTA Christmas Party.



  1. The Grand Scheme of Things: landscapes and scenery ON THE GVT during a GVTA activity.

  2. Structural Encounters: buildings, bridges, sheds – anything made by humans and encountered on a GVTA activity.

  3. Nature: flowers, fungus, trees, wildlife, etc. seen on a GVTA activity.

  4. Landscapes and Scenery NOT on the GVT, but seen on a GVTA activity.

  5. People: GVTA members participating in any GVTA activity, including Trail Maintenance.

Submitting Photos Options

  1. Bring your six 4 x 6 inch photos (i.e. hard copies) to the 2018 GVTA Holiday Season Celebration (Sunday, December 10th). On the back of each photo, please write the category, your name and email address, and approximate location where the photo was taken.

  2. Email your photos to Laura Anders at by December 1st. In your email, please write the category for each photo, your name and email address, and approximate location where each photo was taken. 

Judging and Awards Photos will be judged at the 2018 GVTA Holiday Season Celebration.

Awards include First Place and Honorable Mention for each category and an overall People's Choice Award.

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